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Another beautiful day in New York City. A great place to spend some time is on the Highline. It is an old elevated train line that has been transformed into a place where you can take a stroll or just sit and relax. Along the way you can see the city from a different point of view as well as take in the the serenity of the gardens that line the walkway.



This is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year. Seeing the change in colors brightens the sometimes drap backdrop.
While some species start to go into hybernation, others are beginning to come alive like the leaves changing from there green to vibrant inspiring colors.

Gateway National Wildlife Refuge

Went for a walk at a local wildlife refuge. It was a beautiful day and what better to do than be in the outdoors.
Many people come here to bird watch, others just to walk.
It was a day where the birds were flitting aboveĀ and the bees were all a buzz.
A place of peace and solitude.

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