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Fall is coming to a close while winter is right around the corner. One season becomes another and along with that comes new experiences and memories. Winter brings with it the Holiday Season and ushers in a new year!
With all the festivities and new beginnings we must remember to take time to have fun. Some of us enjoy this time of year while some find it to cold and perhaps become forlorn.
For those who find excitement during this time of the year, maybe it is time to dust off those skis and snowboards and head to the slopes!! The others may take solace in sitting by a fireplace with a cup of cocoa (or the drink of choice) with a good book or snuggling with their favorite person or pet!!
Whatever one chooses, ENJOY!!!!!




Lighting The Way



With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy looming around us, it seems fitting to try to bring a little bit of brightness into the lives of many who have lost so much. I am aware that many of these people will never see these photographs but I hope that they are a reminder that even in the face of adversity the sun still shines and as a fellow New Yorker know that even this event won’t bring us down. My Heart goes out to all in the Tri-State area who have been devastated by this storm!
May Peace Find You All!!!